BayTown Clinic Overview

Dr. Afzal is Practicing Family Medicine in Baytown area since 2002. In 2010 Dr. Afzal started his first clinic in Baytown, TX. In 2012, a separate Pediatrics was added, and the Family clinic moved into its second location. In 2014, the practice expanded to include a clinic outside the medical center and one in the east Houston/ Channelview. Along with the assistance of 3 Physicians and 3 mid- level practitioner, Dr. Afzal is able to serve a larger population of patients.

Our goal is to give an expert and up-to-date treatment in a professional environment. At all family clinics, in house lab services and ultrasounds can be provided. At the Baytown location we provide muscle therapy.

Patient involvement in all aspects of their medical care is strongly encouraged.

Our Services

  • Onsite Ultrasound
  • Lab Services
  • EKG
  • Massage Therapy
  • Joint Injection for Pain
  • Research
  • School / Work Physicals